This year in our great home state of Oklahoma, Senate Bill 1733 was signed into law by Governor Mary Fallin. 1733 allows those who are licensed to carry a firearm to openly carry a weapon, or conceal it. This “open carry” law takes effect tomorrow, November 1st. This post is not a debate about guns or gun laws. It should only serve to inform our dear readers and customers about STASH’s policy. Which is…

no big guns,

no small,

we don’t want no stinkin’ guns at all.

no nuns with guns,

no guns above the buns.

no school girl guns,

or woodwind fun.

no ugly gun ring,

no shiny toy thing.

shiny toy guns

don’t you see? NO GUNS are fine with me.

no gun shows,

no photoshopped gun photos.

no gun toting gangsta,

no prangsta.

While we respect everyones rights as provided by state and federal laws (blah blah blah), we ask that you not bring weapons into our store. Our reasons are simple: guns are ugly and have a weird energy about them. We like pretty things that make us feel good.

So to summarize, weapons: no.

Guns and Roses? Always.