On January 18th, one of STASH’s owners, Rebecca, rescued a very desperate momma dog from the Norman Animal Shelter. She was “due any minute”, and it was a holiday weekend, so chances were, Momma would give birth alone, in a cold and dirty concrete cage. We took her home, gave “Cita” (short for “Mamacita”) a bath, and tried to fatten her up while she mostly layed on the couch.

The girl that was “due any minute!” finally, ten days later, gave birth to eleven (11!) healthy pups.

It has been a true labor of love to keep Cita and her pups healthy. She was severely underweight during her pregnancy, and was thus at risk for seizures caused by loosing too much calcium during nursing. The last five weeks have been filled with hundreds of hours of round the clock bottle feedings, thousands of puppy-breath laced kisses, and constant thoughts of how we would find homes for this precious family.

Now it’s time to bring these babies home. Forever. Please feel free to fill out the application, and share with every awesome animal lover you know.

STASH’s Annex will host a “Sip + See” pre-adoption party on March 15th in STASH’s Annex between 2-5 pm. At that time, people can make final choices about which pup(s) they are interested in. All shots and spay/ neutering will be provided. The adoption fee is $100. To stay up with the latest, visit: STASH’s Instagram.