STASH opened in Downtown Norman, Oklahoma in 2010. 

STASH's owner, Rebecca Bean, is a transplant from southern California. Growing up, she was an environmentalist who loved to shop. Taking those two ideas and melding them into a store has become a passion. "That's why every single item at STASH is hand selected to have lasting-appeal" Bean says. Helping the people and animals of Oklahoma has always been at the center of the shop's mission as well. Rather than traditional advertising methods, we throw parties. STASH hosts monthly makers markets, pet adoption events, a yearly Oklahoma brew festival, and many other events that meld positive community partnerships with a good time. 

We strive to provide customers with a fresh collection of unique, well-made items that have a lasting appeal. We love giving gifts that could be called "modern classics"-- beautiful and functional things that will be appreciated for generations to come. At STASH we believe that social and environmental well being is just as important as the products themselves. 

For this reason, every item in our shop is either ethically made abroad (fair trade), made locally, or is vintage. 

Our commitment:

We will continue to source ethically made products with good design, sustainable ingredients, and longevity in mind. 
Find us at every day: 412 E Main St Norman 73071