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stash x pendleton

Special thanks to our beautiful models Alaina, Amina, and Courtney (top to bottom), and to Keisha Register who photographed and styled this shoot with Pendleton blankets and jewelry from STASH’s vintage and new collections. See something you like? We are happy to ship.

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2012 + 1

As we close this chapter of STASH’s young history and prepare to open a new one, we are filled with gratitude and excitement. 2012 was a year of enormous growth for us. Not only did we increase our offerings ten fold, we also met many more of you, including some of Norman’s movers and shakers.In November, we decided to have [...]

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smock holiday

At STASH, we pretty much love everything letterpress. Here’s the latest offerings from Smock, a letterpress company from New York. One of the best things about Smock is their commitment to sustainability. They are the first print shop in the U.S. to offer printing on a luxury bamboo paper. Bamboo grows very quickly, and requires no pesticides or fertilizers, and needs little water. It [...]

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holiday gift guide part 1

for the swanky smoker; vintage lighter and case all in one. $35for your rents: classic Pendleton blankets.for the note taker-artsy type: letterpress notebooks.for the fashionista: Baggu leather purse.for the best person you know: Krochet Kids supports the best of what STASH is all about.for the fun lover: Izola flasks.for the wee one: Original Slinky with box that sings the classic Slinky song.

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ship shop

At STASH, we are always happy to ship. We promise to wrap things sweetly, and get them to you as fast as possible. Just call the shop or write us an email. XO

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go vote

Go vote.not because the system is perfect,becasue it isn’t.Vote becasue you can.kyle durrie from power and light pressAnd because if you don’t, “they” win.It’s your right, it’s your duty, it’s your future.

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no guns

This year in our great home state of Oklahoma, Senate Bill 1733 was signed into law by Governor Mary Fallin. 1733 allows those who are licensed to carry a firearm to openly carry a weapon, or conceal it. This “open carry” law takes effect tomorrow, November 1st. This post is not a debate about guns or gun laws. It should [...]

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adina mills new arrivals

large elestial quartz $146, small green appetite $56adina mills hails from nederland, co and has been spotted as far away as the brooklyn flea pedaling her hand made jewelry. mills uses an epoxy polimer and hand paints each piece. she creates fully unique and wearable works of art.large green calcite size 7 1/2 $128large peacock pyrite ring size 6 1/2 $108come [...]

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On STASH’s featured wall for October is “Versus”, a teacher and student duel show. “Versus is influenced by the way that street artists “battle” each other in a friendly way using their sketch books which they call “black books”, explains Narciso Argüelles, the show’s curator (and the teacher half of the wall). The wall will be split up the middle; [...]

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